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About this webinar

I've been helping businesses in a variety of industries look their best when people find them online. Since I started working with Naturopathic, Functional, and Integrative Medicine Doctors and seeing the amazing results their patient care can provide, I've dedicated my business to helping them market their practices better. Optimizing your Google My Business is the first step toward building the type of online presence that generates a reliable flow of new patients. This is perfect for Dentists, Chiropractors, and Osteopathic Doctors as well.

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We care about our clients the way you care about your patients. This webinar is free, so is the guide we will send you afterward, so if you want to talk to me personally about what you can do to improve your digital marketing strategies, please grab a time in my calendar here.

#Smart Marketing is a veteran-owned, honorable, and service-oriented Digital Marketing Company here to help you Grow Your Practice.

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Paul Mackiewicz
Hashtag-Smart Marketing
Paul is a Christian, Army Veteran, Family Man, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Free Thinking Marketing Guru who loves to support the medical community as they support us.